Military Job Codes

Below is a list of Military Job Codes currently used in the Military Crosswalk.

0161 Marines Postal Clerk
01B Army Electrical-Electronic Engineering Assistant
01C Army Mechanical Engineering Assistant
01D Army Civil Engineering Assistant
01G Army Chemical Engineering Assistant
0400 Marines Basic Logistics Marine
0401 Army Corps of Engineers Interdisciplinary
0402 Marines Logistics Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
0431 Marines Logistics/Embarkation Specialist
0451 Marines Airborne and Air Delivery Secialist
0481 Marines Landing Support Specialist
0491 Marines Logistics Mobility Chief
1142 Marines Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems Technician
1171 Marines Water Support Technician
120A Army Construction Engineering Technician (Warrant Officer only)
125D Army Geospatial Engineering Technician (Warrant Officer only)
12A Army Engineer (Commissioned Officer only); Engineer Senior Sergeant
12B Army Combat Engineer
12F Army Engineer Tracked Vehicle Crewman
12H Army Construction Engineering Supervisor
12K Army Plumber
12N Army Horizontal Construction Engineer
12P Army Prime Power Production Specialist
12Q Army Powerline Distribution Specialist (RC)
12T Army Technical Engineer
12X Army General Engineering Supervisor
12Y Army Geospatial Engineer
12Z Army Combat Engineering Senior Sergeant
1300 Marines Basic Engineer, Construction, and Equipment Marine
1301 Marines Basic Engineer, Construction, Facilities, and Equipment Officer (Warrant Officer only)
1316 Marines Metal Worker
1341 Marines Engineer Equipment Mechnaic
1345 Marines Engineer Equipment Operator
1349 Marines Engineer Equipment Chief
1361 Marines Engineer Assistant
1371 Marines Combat Engineer
1415 Navy Combined Shore Communications Maintenance Technician
1416 Navy SNAP II (AN/UYK-62(V)) Maintenance Technician
1480 Navy Procurement Contracting Officer (Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
15B Army Aircraft Powerplant Repairer
15D Army Aircraft Powerplant Repairer
15E Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer
15F Army Aircraft Electrician
15G Army Aircraft Structural Repairer
15H Army Aircraft Pneudraulics Reparier
15J Army Armament, Electircal Avionics Systems Repairer
15M Army Utility Helicopter Rerairer
15N Army Avionic Mechanic
15P Army Aviation Operations Specialist
15Q Army Air Traffic Control Operator
15R Army Attack Helicopter Repairer
15S Army Helicopter Repairer
15T Army Helicopter Repairer
15U Army Helicopter Repairer
15V Army Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer (RC)
15W Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operator
15X Army Armament And Electrical System Repairer
15Y Army Armament/Electrical/Avionics Repairer
18C Army Special Forces Engineer Sergeant
1918 Navy General Supply Officer (Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
1978 Navy Supply Logistics Officer (Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
1A131B Air Force Flight Engineer
1A131C Air Force basic flight engineer
1A191B Air Force Flight Engineer, Spuerintendant
1A1X1 Air Force Flight Engineer
1A211 Air Force Aircraft Loadmaster
1A231 Air Force Aircraft Loadmaster
1A251 Air Force Aircraft Loadmaster
20C0 Air Force Logistics Commander (Commissioned Officer only)
2111 Marines Small Arms Rerairer/Technician
2112 Marines Precision Weapons Repairer/Technician
2161 Marines Machinist
21B Army Combat Engineer
21C Army Bridge Crewmember
21E Army Heavy Construction Equipment Operator
21F Army Crane Operator
21G1 Air Force Logistics Plans (Commissioned Officer only)
21G3 Air Force Logistics Plans (Commissioned Officer only)
21H Army Construction Engineering Supervisor
21J Army General Construction Equipment Operator
21K Army Plumber
21L1 Air Force Logistician (Commissioned Officer only)
21L2 Army Lithographer
21L3 Air Force Logistician (Commissioned Officer only)
21N Army Construction Equipment Supervisor
21R1 Air Force Logistics Readiness (Commissioned Officer only)
21R1U Air Force Logistics Readiness, Tactical Airlift (Commissioned Officer only)
21R2 Army Interios Electrician
21R3 Air Force Logistics Readiness (Commissioned Officer only)
21R4U Air Force Logistics Readiness, Tactical Airlift (Commissioned Officer only)
21RX Air Force Logistics Readiness
21T Army Technical Engineering Specialist
21X Army General Engineering Supervisor
21Y Army Topographic Engineering Supervisor
21Z Army Combat Engineering SR Sergeant
2A631 Air Force Aerospace Propulsion
2A712 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2A713 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2A731 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2A733 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2A751 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2A753 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2A771 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2A773 Air Force Aircraft Metals Technology
2G031 Air Force Logistics Plans
2G051 Air Force Logistics Plans
2G071 Air Force Logistics Plans
2G091 Air Force Logistics Plans
2M011 Air Force Missile Maintenance
2M031 Air Force Missile Maintenance
2S011 Air Force Marerial Management
2S031 Air Force Marerial Management
2S051 Air Force Marerial Management
2S071 Air Force Marerial Management
2W011 Air Force Munitions Systems
2W031 Air Force Munitions Systems
2W051 Air Force Munitions Systems
2W111 Air Force Aircraft Armament Systems
2W131 Air Force Aircraft Armament Systems
2W151 Air Force Aircraft Armament Systems
2W211 Air Force Nuclear Weapons
2W231 Air Force Nuclear Weapons
2W251 Air Force Nuclear Weapons
3001 Navy Independent Duty Postal Clerk
3002 Marines Ground Supply Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
3006 Marines Contracting Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
3010 Marines Ground Supply Operations Officer (Warrant Officer only)
3043 Marines Supply Administration And Operations Specialist
3051 Marines Warehouse Clerk
3052 Marines Packaging Specialist
3351 Navy Submarine Nuclear Propulsion Plant Emergency Welder
3523 Marines Logistics Vehicle System Mechnaic
3532 Marines Amphibious Cargo Carrier Operator
3E371 Air Force Structural
3E471 Air Force Water And Fuel Systems Maintenance
3E472 Air Force Water And Fuel Systems Maintenance
3E551 Air Force Engineering
3E571 Air Force Engineering
3E591 Air Force Engineering
3E5X1 Air Force Engineering
3E711 Air Force Fire Protection
4140 Navy NAMTS Gas Turbine Repair
4340 Navy NAMTS Diesel Engine, Governor, and Injector Repair Technician, Generalist
4342 Navy NAMTS Diesel Engine, Governor and Injector Repair Technician
4343 Navy NAMTS Diesel Engine, Governor and Injector Repair Technician
4402 Navy Advanced Machinery Repairman
4403 Navy Heat Treatment of Metals Machinist
4404 Navy Computer Numerically Controlled Machinist
44E Army Machinist
4502 Navy Boiler Repairer Technician
4540 Navy NAMTS Valve Repair Technician
4541 Navy NAMTS Hydraulics Repair Technician
4542 Navy NAMTS Outside Machinist
46L Army Sergeant Electrical Mechanical Repairman
46N Army Electrical-Mechanical Repairer
4954 Navy General Maintenance Welder
4955 Navy Advanced Welder
4956 Navy Nuclear Power Plant Components Welder
4B091 Air Force Bioenvironmental Engeneering
4B0X1 Air Force Bioenvironmental Engeneering
51C Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Contracting NCO ; Contract and Industrial Management (Commissioned Officer only)
51Z Army Acquisition (Commissioned Officer only)
52C Army Utilities Equipment Reparier
52F Army Turbine Engine Driven Generator Rerpaier
52L Army Nuclear Power Plant Processing/Control Specialist
5523 Marines Instrument Repair Technician
6010 Navy Advanced Steelworker
6042 Marines Individual Material Readiness List (IMRS) Asset Manager
620 Coast Guard Aviation Pilot
6211 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic-Trainee
6212 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic
6213 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic
6214 Marines Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mechanic
6216 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic
6217 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic
6218 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic
6222 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic
6223 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic
6226 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic
6227 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic
6241 Marines Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer
62J Army General Construction Equipment Operator
63Z Army Mechnical Maintenance Supervisor
6494 Marines Aviation Logistics Tactical Information Systems Specialist
6499 Navy Aviation Machinist's Mate Basic
6601 Marines Basic Aviation Logistics Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
6602 Marines Aviation Supply Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
6604 Marines Aviation Supply Operations Officer (Warrant Officer only)
6607 Navy Digital Data Link Communications IMA Technician
6617 Marines Enlisted Aviation Logistician
6672 Marines Aviation Supply Specialist
6677 Navy TARPS Camera Repair IMA Technician
6694 Marines Aviation Information Systems (AIS) Specialist
68J Army Medical Logistics Specialist
7131 Navy Power Generating Systems IMA Technician
7133 Navy Electrical Component IMA Technician
7137 Navy Aircraft Instrument IMA Technician
7232 Navy Advanced Composite Structural Repair IMA Technician
7531 Marines Pilot VMM, FRS Basic V-22 Pilot (Commissioned Officer only)
7532 Marines Pilot VMM, V-22 Qualified (Commissioned Officer only)
76R Army Repair Parts Specialist
8012 Marines Ground Safety Specialist
8040 Marines Colonel, Logistician (Commissioned Officer only)
81Z Army Topographic Engineering Supervisor
8241 Marines Foreign Area Officer-Latin America (Commissioned Officer only)
881A Army Marine Engineering Officer (Warrant Officer only)
88H Army Cargo Specialist
88K Army Watercraft Operator
88L Army Watercraft Engineer
88M Army Motor transport operator
88P Army Railway Equipment Repairer (RC)
88T Army Railway Section Repairer (RC)
90A Army Logistics Officer
919A Army Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer (Warrant Officer only)
91A Army M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer ; Maintenance and Munitions Materiel Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
91B Army Wheeled Vehicle Repairer
91C Army Utilities Equipment Repairer
91D Army Power Generation Equipment Repairer
91E Army Allied Trades Specialist
91F Army Small Arms/Artillery Repairer
91G Army Fire Control Repairer
91H Army Tracked Vehicle Repairer
91J Army Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer
91K Army Medical Laboratory Specialist
91L Army Construction Equipment Repairer
91M Army Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer
91P Army Self Propelled Artillery Systems Maintainer
91W Army Health Care Specialist ; Metal Worker
92A Army Automated logistical Specialist
92Y Army Unit Supply Specialist
92Z Army Sr Noncommissioned Logistician
94A Army Land Combat Electrician
94D Army Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
94S Army Patriot System Repairer
94T Army AVENGER System Repairer
94X Army Senior Missile Systems Maintainer
9566 Navy Naval Control of Shipping Staff Assistant
9630 Marines Industrial Engineer (Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
9631 Marines Environmental Engineering Management Officer (Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
9632 Marines Nuclear Engineer (Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
9904 Marines Colonel, Logistician (Commissioned Officer only)
AD Navy Aviation Machinist's Mate
AWF Navy Naval Aircrewman Mechanical
EA Navy Engineering Aid
EN Navy Engineman
EO Navy Equipment Operator
GSM Navy Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical)
HT Navy Hull Maintenance Technician
LS Navy Logistics Specialist
MM Navy Machinist's Mate
SW Navy Steelworker