A warehouse manager directs the warehouse storage and distribution of the products and materials within a company.

Are you a strong leader? Can you keep calm under the most chaotic of circumstances? As warehouse manager, you’ll work in a warehouse, directing the transport and storage of raw materials and finished products. You’ll be familiar with every nook and cranny of your warehouse, and you’ll train all your employees on safe handling practices. If there’s any problem, you’ll take care of it, or you’ll report it to the people who can.

Materials will come in on trucks, which your employees will unload with your direction. Next, you’ll decide if your employees should store the materials or transport them to the production floor, where they’ll be put to use. You’ll know if materials are time-sensitive, decay easily, or need special handling. On the other side of the manufacturing process, you’ll oversee the loading of finished products onto trucks, making sure that everything ships out in perfect working condition.

The manager role comes with the responsibility of administrative paperwork, so you’ll have your own office. You’ll handle all reports, warehouse budgets, and employee schedules. You’ll confer with the production manager, materials manager, and logistics planners to make sure that the warehouse is a smooth and efficient part of the company.

Warehouse managers are required to have previous experience and are usually promoted from within the company.

Critical Skills


  • Electronic Inventory Control Systems
  • Give Visual, Written, and Oral Instructions
  • Management
  • Safety Regulations and Procedures


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Communication - Internal and External
  • Complex Problem Solving Skills
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership
  • Managaement of Material Resources
  • Management of Personnel Resources
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
  • Project Management

Key Responsibilities

  • Hire, train, and oversee warehouse employees
  • Coordinate transport, receipt, and storage of raw materials
  • Oversee distribution of finished products
  • Ensure compliance with safety standards
  • Record and verify shipping records

Special Requirements

  • Heavy Lifting Ability

How to get this job

Gain experience working in a warehouse.

Next Steps for this job

Will need warehouse experience to advance to manager. Apply for warehouse work and learn on the job.

Specific job titles and duties vary by employer so check for details.