A production technician sets-up, tests, and adjusts manufacturing machinery or equipment, using any combination of electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or computer technologies.

Are you interested in hands-on work in a busy environment? Do you work well with machines and moving parts? As a production technician, you’ll combine your interests in a job on the production floor of a manufacturing company, where you’ll be in the center of the action. This is an entry-level job that opens the door to lots of opportunities in the advanced manufacturing world.

Production technicians work with manufacturing equipment all day. You’ll read blueprints to set up or adjust the machine, and you’ll start and stop it at the appropriate times. If the machine malfunctions, you’ll know how to fix it using your knowledge of mechanical and electrical technology, or you’ll report the problem to a supervisor. Inspecting the products that come off a machine is also important in making sure there are no defects. Lastly, you’ll need to load and unload raw material when necessary.

The production floor can be a dangerous area for those who do not follow safety codes and procedures, so you’ll need to keep those in mind at all times. You’ll be surrounded by large machines and tools, as well as other technicians and assemblers.

In order to stand out as a job applicant, look for vocational training or certification courses to give you some hands-on experience in the field.

Also Known As:

Advanced Manufacturing Technician, Product Introduction Manager, Research and Development Machinist, Process Engineer, Production Technician, Manufacturing Production Technician

Critical Skills


  • Computers and Electronics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Manufacturing Process, Design, and Development
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Tools and Equipment
  • Operation Monitoring — Watching gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly
  • Production and Processing


  • Active Listening
  • CAD or AutoCAD Software
  • Comprehend and Follow Visual, Written, and Oral Instructions
  • Physical Strength and Dexterity
  • Quality Control Analysis — Conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance

Key Responsibilities

  • Adhere to all safety and environmental regulations
  • Inspect finished products for quality and customer satisfaction
  • Operate production equipment according to specifications
  • Adjust equipment to ensure quality production
  • Set up and verify the functionality of safety equipment
  • Monitor and adjust production equipment
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems with equipment, devices, or products
  • Plan and lay out work to meet production and schedule requirements
  • Start up and shut down processing equipment

Special Requirements

  • Heavy Lifting Ability


  • Computers
  • Creativity
  • Fixing things
  • Improving Systems or Machines

How to get this job

Some experience is necessary to move into the production technician field. You can gain experience on the job or through internships. Gaining certifications will greatly increase your chances of landing a position.

Next Steps for this job

Quality assurance certification helpful, knowledge of computer software and systems a plus.

Specific job titles and duties vary by employer so check for details.