Electrical and electronics engineers design, test, and supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment in manufacturing systems.

Are you fascinated by the inner workings of your computer? Want to design your own someday? As an electrical or electronics engineer, you’ll design hundreds of products that rely on electrical and electronic systems. You’ll also plan and test the manufacturing processes for each project, making sure they are safe, efficient, and precise.

Electrical and electronics engineers are detail-oriented and can spend hours working on a complex mathematical formula or a small glitch in a product. You will work with design and mathematical software everyday and often map out designs by hand if needed. You’ll collaborate with other engineers and designers in order to create the best product and system possible.

You’ll need strong leadership and communication skills in order to work with others and supervise technicians, assemblers, and machine operators on the production floor. Designing and performing quality tests on the manufactured product are important tasks in ensuring customer satisfaction and safety.

In order to find a job as an electrical or electronics engineer, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in the field. Previous experience, or even a Master’s degree, will give your resume a boost and make you a creative, resourceful engineer.

Also Known As:

Electrical Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Controls Engineer

Critical Skills


  • CAD or AutoCAD Software
  • Computers
  • Electrical Systems
  • Electronic Systems
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Manufacturing Processes


  • Active Listening
  • Communication - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking/Oral
  • Complex Problem Solving Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Monitoring
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Troubleshooting

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide training, documentation and programming on all automation systems or equipment
  • Operate computer-assisted engineering and design software
  • Design electronic and electrical software, products, or systems
  • Prepare engineering sketches or specifications for operation of electronics and electrical equipment and systems
  • Modify systems based on factors such as environment, service, cost, and system capabilities
  • Operate, maintain, and test electronic and electrical products, components, equipment, or systems
  • Inspect electronic equipment, instruments, products, or systems to ensure conformance to standards
  • Establish and monitor documentation specifications and procedures for all process control systems


  • Electrical Systems
  • Leadership
  • Process Engineering
  • Team Building

How to get this job

Get engineering degree and related certifications.

Next Steps for this job

Complete PMP Certification, complete Bachelor's and/or Master's degree.

Specific job titles and duties vary by employer so check for details.