Vestas is the world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines.

Our core business is the design, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of wind power plants, with competencies covering every aspect of the wind value chain, from site studies to service and maintenance.

Our vision is to be the undisputed global wind leader. Since Vestas was established in 1979, we have been solely committed to harvesting the potential that wind holds for our planet’s energy supply. We have the world’s largest operating fleet, with more than 60 GW of wind turbines installed to date.  We intend to continue our 100% dedication to wind, and to fulfill our vision we want to have the strongest brand in the industry, have best-in-class margins, be the market leader measured by volume, and bring wind on par with coal and gas.

We operate four factories in Colorado- one on Pueblo, Windsor, and two in Brighton. Our factories produce towers, blades and nacelles for utility-scale wind turbines installed throughout North America. We offer skilled workers solid jobs in an advanced industry, with a health care package, paid time off, and an IRA-based retirement plan including a company match. We also have opportunities for workers without previous experience in advanced manufacturing.

Top Products

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Company Perks

Vestas offers a comprehensive and competitive set of rewards such as medical insurance, retirement benefits with a company match and no vesting period, and Paid Time-Off benefits.