Tag Team

Tag Team

We specialize in production runs, prototype work for OEMs & produce aluminum billiard accessories.

Tag Team Manufacturing, founded in 1987, is a modern manufacturing company that specializes in precision production runs and prototype work for O.E.M’s. We support several industries including medical device, aerospace, computer storage, optical, measuring instrument, photonics, and electromagnetic. We also design, test, manufacture and distribute our own proprietary line of aluminum billiard accessories, Delta-13. Tag Team Manufacturing's mission is to make the highest quality parts, at the most competitive prices possible, delivered to the clients at their prescribed time.

All ten of our CNC machines are connected to our “MasterCam” CAD/CAM programming and SurfCam 3-D systems that allow for speed and accuracy in downloading programs. We have on-site programmers who work well with engineers to ensure the final product meets all blueprint specifications.

At Tag Team Manufacturing, we create a work environment where machinists make a career, where staff is constantly queried for ways to make things better and where machinists are rewarded for making quality parts. What sets us apart from other machine shops is that we are a family, employing the majority of our staff for over 8 years.

Long term relationships keep the same clients coming back to us for product enhancements and new product innovations. We still support our first client from 27 years ago, so building long term client and sub-contractor relationships is very important to us.

Seven years ago, we designed, manufactured and began to sell our own proprietary line of billiards accessories made out of aluminum. This company came to be known as Delta-13 and is most known for our 3 and 6 piece billiard rack designs that come in a variation of colors and with personalized engraving. We are well known in the billiard industry for having the best rack on the market. We sponsor a number of tours and tournaments including ESPN and the Women's Professional Billiard Association.

“I love my job as the Shipping/Receiving Lead. We manufacture such a large variety of parts, that every day brings new challenges and opportunities to satisfy our customers.” -Mary Russell, Delta 13 team member

Top Products

  • Elite Billiard Ball Rack
  • Select Billiard Ball Rack
  • Cue Lean
  • Mount and Cue Rack

Company Perks

Health Benefits available to full time employees after 90 days include: healthcare, dental, short term disability, life insurance, and one personal day. Full Time employee benefits after 1 year include: paid vacation and paid holidays and a 401K that the company also contributes to. We also have company lunches and dinners throughout the year and sometimes even events such as Rockies Games.