Super Vac was established in the mid 1930's. Super Vac manufactures electric, gasoline, hydraulic, and air powered units for the wide array of use seen in emergency situations and industrial use. The ventilators are used to remove smoke from a fire, thereby increasing visibility for firefighters, improving survivability for victims and reducing property damage due to heavy smoke. Industrial uses include man and machine cooling, smoke and fume removal, painting, sand blasting, and fresh air supply.

In 1971, Super Vac expanded its product line to include custom built rescue apparatus. The company markets our rescue truck division as SVI Trucks. SVI Trucks manufactures custom trucks for use as Rescue, Hazardous Material Response, Mobile Breathing Air, Lighting, and as Mobile Command Posts. In 1985, SVI Trucks added refurbishing capabilities for fire apparatus (

In 1972, Super Vac responded to the need for emergency floodlighting that is essential to nighttime emergency calls. We designed and patented the hydraulically operated Super Vac lighting tower. In 1991, in response to the changing fire service, Super Vac patented an electrically operated robotic arm lighting tower, marketed under the Command Light name (

In 1986, Super Vac purchased a non-ferrous foundry in order to provide more control over the quality in the manufacturing process. This allows us to cast our own blades, parts, and accessories for the ventilators, as well as casting aluminum, brass, and bronze products for outside customers. (

Most of the products manufactured in this building are used by emergency personnel to save lives. We consider it an honor and privilege to provide such equipment and hold ourselves and our employees to the same standard we would expect of those emergency personnel if they were responding to save one of our friends or family members.

" I really enjoy working in Truck Fab for many reasons. Some being, I love working with my hands as well as my mind. It's very satisfying to figure out a solution to a challenge and then carry it out by fabricating parts to complete a job. It is also great to see all of the pride that people put into their work. SVI is known for quality, and it's great to be a part of that. Above all, it is awesome to help put out an American made product that helps Americans serve their communities". -Jason Scohy, Super Vac / SVI

" I love my job as a Command Light Assembler because of the diversity of tasks that I have learned to do. What I find interesting about my job as an assembler is I get to make equipment that helps save lives. I wanted to go into assembly work because I like to build things and work with my hands." -Ryan Bruntz, Super Vac/ Command Light