Stacy Machine and Tooling Inc.

Stacy Machine and Tooling Inc.

Stacy Machine & Tooling is a machine shop working in semi-conductor, aerospace, and medical industries.

Since 1986, Stacy Machine & Tooling has supported a broad range of local manufacturing, scientific, and entrepreneurial enterprises with a large array of manufacturing services. With a staff of 20 and years of experience, we are ready to assist you with your unique manufacturing issues.

Our customer’s ideas are all we need to begin the process. Working closely with our customer, Stacy Machine & Tooling guides your parts and tools through modeling, prototype fabrication and final tooling. Our company guarantees complete product integrity at every step along the way.

Social Impact

The company works with career and technical educators in the public school districts in various ways to encourage exposure to manufacturing career pathways early on in a young person's life.

Top Products

  • satellite parts
  • medical device components
  • custom projects/assemblies

Company Perks

Membership at nearby gym with 2 hours/week group personal training; company contribution towards health care premiums; annual team building activity.