Manes Machine and Engineering Company

Manes Machine and Engineering Company

Manes offers precision machined products for aerospace, automotive, semi-conductors & oil industries.

Manes Machine & Engineering Company operates a 60,000 sq. ft. facility located in Fort Collins, Colorado with diversified business focus in aerospace, semiconductors and oil industries. We offer assembly, kitting, welding, and are specialists in machining titanium and other exotic metals.

Our company was founded in 1983 in Ontario, California. From the beginning of the company’s inception, it has been our goal to be the leader in our industry. We were nominated by Lockheed as their “Small Business Supplier of the Year.” Since then we have received various awards and letters of commendation from our customers regarding delivery and quality accomplishments.

In 1993, our company moved its operations from Ontario, California to Fort Collins, Colorado. Manes Machines has spent millions of dollars improving the process of delivering a higher quality part at a lower cost to our customers. Our company's focus is to machine complex multi-axis parts with an emphasis on hard metals. In addition we look to fabricate large complex assemblies and provide the engineering required for manufacturing and assembling complex systems.



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  • Hard metal machining
  • Assembly and integration
  • Welding