Krage Manufacturing

Krage Manufacturing

Krage Manufacturing focuses on precision sheet metal fabrication, powder coating & electrical assembly.

Krage Manufacturing is a visionary, growing enterprise focused on helping our customers become the best they can be. Our attention to detail, quality control efforts and on-time delivery are the best in business.

Krage Manufacturing was established in 2000 but is a result of over 130 years of company ownership and entrepreneurship. Four generations of family pioneers in heavy construction and manufacturing dating back to the 1880's have provided the foundation and 'Can Do' atmosphere at Krage Manufacturing. We are simply a continuation of these customer oriented, enterprising ancestors who didn't believe in the word “can't.”

We will continue to challenge ourselves to rethink how we are doing our jobs which will provide the vision to break new innovative ground for the future. Krage Manufacturing strives to exceed customer requirements through continuous improvement of quality, 100% on-time deliveries, innovative design, and ongoing enhancement of manufacturing operations and technology.

Our experienced, dedicated team checks their work at each step of the process. We use a different set of eyes on critical features and utilize process checklists to insure quality at each step. Machine procedures are posted and preventative maintenance is planned to improve the repeatability and reliability of the equipment. We employ error-free fixturing whenever possible to assist the day to day repeatability of those operations. Through all these process checks and the hard work of our production team we strive for 100% on-time deliveries.

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Top Products

  • Custom enclosures
  • Custom fabrications (mezzanines, weight racks, control rooms, signs, equipment frames)
  • Welding
  • Robotics