JPM Prototype & Mfg., Inc.

JPM Prototype & Mfg., Inc.

JPM Prototype & Mfg., Inc. specializes in prototyping, manufacturing, CNC machining, EDM, Swiss turning & fabricating.

JPM's physical plant, equipment, and specialized high-end tools enable the company to meet a wide range of machining and fabrication demands. These capabilities go far beyond those of a general-service machine shop.

JPM’s primary business focus is on high-technology one-of-a-kind prototyping, product development, machining and production. Manufacturing occurs secondarily when a particular component or product must be produced to especially narrow tolerances or when a product JPM has developed is so unique or complex that transferring it to a large manufacturer would be problematic.

We place special emphasis on matching our quality assurance capability with our machining capability. This match, enforced by thoroughly documented operational guidelines, insures that our product quality is consistently high and our adherence to production timelines is trustworthy.

The mobile learning lab for advanced manufacturing has been located at JPM headquarters for a special on the job training program. It is sponsored by the US Department of Labor, Pueblo Community College, and the Pikes Peak Workforce Center. JPM actively supports the lab's training program and the contribution it makes to economic and workforce development throughout the region.

Top Products

  • Custom projects

Company Perks

JPM Prototyping offers a competitve benefits package with 401k matching, medical and dental coverage, and paid vacation. Many of our employees are dedicated to creating thier own projects and sometimes use the shop for personal use.