Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver

MSU Denver is a comprehensive university offering Bachelor's and Master's degrees in downtown Denver.

Founded in 1965, MSU Denver has grown to nearly 23,000 students and educates- more undergraduate Coloradans than anyone else in the state. MSU Denver designs every program and every course for our changing world. College for college's sake is an old idea. You'll come here for an important reason—lifelong success. We'll help you prepare for, enhance or change your career. It's that simple.

We balance the benefits of being one of the largest public universities in the country—and all the opportunities that creates—with the goal of giving you an individualized academic experience through small classes (think 22 – not 200), accessible professors, targeted advisors, and industry mentors.

MSU calls Denver and surrounding communities home, not just because of our downtown location, but because nearly everyone touched by our efforts lives and works here. You'll enjoy a unique university experience, including all that the city and people from all walks of life offer. MSU Denver's student population mirrors the ethnic demographics of the state, making the University the leader in diverse enrollment among Colorado's four-year universities.

MSU Denver provides an amazing selection of majors, minors, certificate programs and even custom-degree options to meet any need or interest. We also offer evening, weekend and online courses to fit even the busiest schedules.

We believe that a great education doesn't have to be expensive and that accessibility begins with affordability. Our tuition is the least expensive of Colorado's largest four-year universities offering undergraduate degrees.

Metropolitan State University of Denver is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


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