Emily Griffith Technical College

Emily Griffith Technical College

We are Colorado's largest public technical college. EGTC offers an extensive curriculum including more than 30 career-training certificate programs.

Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC), formerly Emily Griffith Opportunity School, is Colorado's largest public technical college. We offer an extensive curriculum including more than 30 career-training certificate programs, most of which can be completed in less than one year.

We offer several programs for those looking for careers in the manufacturing, including Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, Automotive Technology, and Computer-Aided Design/Building Information Modeling and Welding. EGTC also offers 13 apprenticeship training programs at 20 sites across Colorado, e.g. Operating Engineer, Electrician, Plumbing. We have multiple start dates throughout the year and many of our programs offer full and part-time options to be flexible for your schedule. There are also training certificates issued in the areas of business, design, health, and other trades as well as continuing education, GED, and English classes. Up to 45 college credit hours may be transferred to a Colorado Community College.

Since 2014, the College has relocated to three new state-of-the-art campuses. The moves enabled EGTC to customize the modern classroom spaces and training labs and now boasts cutting-edge equipment that few regional colleges are able to provide, from the latest 3D printers to Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines and robotic technologies. All campuses are conveniently located within blocks of bus and light rail lines.

EGTC's tuition is affordable with many students earning scholarships allowing them to graduate debt-free. Free tutoring, computer access and job placement support are available for all students. Graduation and job placement rates are among the highest in Colorado for post-secondary education.

The school of opportunity was founded 100 years ago and we still use the motto coined by Emily Griffith: For all who wish to learn. We welcome all people, regardless of age, race or education level, who want to expand their knowledge.

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